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Mini-Services from Home

Social Media is now offering Spiritualism and its good practices a chance to present itself to a wider public than ever before – and without the interested parties who tune in to be identified should they wish to be anonymous – or anyone having to actually travel any distance to a Spiritualist venue or visitContinue reading “Mini-Services from Home”

Historic Mediums Events 1998

Two events stand out for me in the late 1990’s the Tribute to Spiritualist Pioneers organised by president of Wimbledon Spiritualists Chuch Derek Robinson at Bognor, and in 1998 Tony Ortzen organised a hitherto unknown kind of event for the public. Well-known international mediums were gathered to share the platform in an all-day Spiritualist experienceContinue reading “Historic Mediums Events 1998”

Sermon for Rev Ron Jones

Some years ago Reverend Ron Jones, founder of the Corinthian Church and Healing Association asked me to help re-establish his HQ and also to be the Principle Minister at his headquarter’s church at Hailsham. I agreedbut it wasn’t long after it became well attended again that our usual breakdown in relationship occurred… Reverend Jones hasContinue reading “Sermon for Rev Ron Jones”

Another Side of Colin Fry

This article was written by Lyn Guest de Swarte, Publishing Editor of Spiritual News and printed back in October 2008. Reproduced as a tribute after his passing to Spirit in August 2015. Since he began his ‘Sixth Sense’ television series around five years ago Colin Fry has become synonymous with slick cleverly presented and editedContinue reading “Another Side of Colin Fry”

Why Hymns Lift the Spirit!

Looking at sacred music from a Spiritualist’s viewpoint,I’m of the opinion that it’s a useful tool in lifting the spirit that dwells within us to a higher level, and that it helps us resonate with the Greater Spirit that lives without! Secular music so often provokes baser impulses that exist on a more physical andContinue reading “Why Hymns Lift the Spirit!”

Ministers or Presidents?

Why do all these old Spiritualist organisations have presidents? They may even be Spiritualist ministers too but seem to hide that spiritual light under a bushel… Perhaps they are deliberately dismissive as policy or just unaware that Jesus said not to do that – but to “ let your light so shine before men thatContinue reading “Ministers or Presidents?”

Psychic Self-Defence!

It seems that some involved in what we might broadly refer to as the spiritual side of life may also be drawn to psychic practices which can be harmless especially when associated with Spiritualism, but there can be a downside. The ‘ungodly’ as Saint author Leslie Charteris called his hero’s adversaries have been known toContinue reading “Psychic Self-Defence!”

Signs and Wonders

There are many misinformed people out there who believe that all the ‘signs and wonders’ mentioned in ancient texts – specially the better known chronicled in Biblical narratives – ceased about 2,000 years ago! Not so… When we are born into this life, once we get over the sheer terror and repulsion at it onContinue reading “Signs and Wonders”

Reading By Numbers

I’ve called this ‘Reading by numbers’ to echo the simpler method of creating a picture ‘painting by numbers’! Exchanging the letters of your name (or that of others)for specific numbers, and adding them together with your date of birth can offer strangely accurate readings… verything in life, everything that exists, is founded on calculation, isContinue reading “Reading By Numbers”

Why This Website?

Once upon a time, founded long ago in May 1932, there was a newspaper dedicated to spreading the word about Spiritualism. A unique weekly paper was produced by a renowned trance medium and journalist to publicise the truth that life is eternal, that there is ‘life after death’ and that it is through mediumship thatContinue reading “Why This Website?”

How I Became a Medium

Of all the questions I’ve been asked, the one that crops up most frequently is ‘How did you become a medium?’ Was I born like it or was it something that happened later in life? I have always been aware of another kind of existence,another kind of reality and early on realised that that awarenessContinue reading “How I Became a Medium”

Spiritualist Reading Room

An Extract From “Power Of The Spirit” By PN’s Founding Editor Maurice Barbanell Permanent Records Of Survival For many years I was closely associated with John Myers, whose psychic photography was a storm-centre of controversy. The first intimation I received of his mediumship was when I launched Psychic News. A few days before the firstContinue reading “Spiritualist Reading Room”

The Spiritualists’ Handbook

The Spiritualists’ Handbook available from by Reverend Lyn Guest de Swarte is published on behalf of the New Spiritualists’ Society By Right Reverend Nick Brown. Reverend Brown is Senior Minister and leader of the Littleport Christian Spiritualists’ Chrurch (NCSS), the First Church of the New Christian Spiritualists’ Society, and Surragan Bishop to the PrinicipalContinue reading “The Spiritualists’ Handbook”

Good and Bad Healers?

When is a ‘healer’ a bad healer? As you know, I was the editor of Psychic News, then a weekly newspaper owned by Psychic Press (1995) Ltd, (a subsidiary of the Spiritualists’ National Union) for nearly 7 years. When they bought it in 1995 it had been nonstop printed every week since 1932! Each weekContinue reading “Good and Bad Healers?”

Aura Viewing Workshop

This is just one in a series of workshops that are included in The Spiritualists’ Handbook, available at Amazon. It’s common knowledge that every living thing is a bundle of energy. Although each sentient being exists as a self contained unit, we know that some of this energy radiates to a greater or lesser extentContinue reading “Aura Viewing Workshop”

Lyns’ Welcome

Some time ago now, I decided to drag myself forward into this new technological age and construct a website to put me back in touch with the many people that I have missed ‘chatting’ with in the way that I did during my time at Psychic News – now fast receding into history! I knowContinue reading “Lyns’ Welcome”

Prayer and Meditation

There’s a good reason for the order in which this page is presented. Any activity that involves connecting to our spirit within, and from it to the Spirit and spirit world without, should begin with the emplacement of a positive attitude of mind and acknowledgement of the Power of Good; God; Great Creator; Holy Spirit;Continue reading “Prayer and Meditation”

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