Welcome One and All!

Some time ago now, I decided to drag myself forward into this new technological age to put me back in touch with the many people that I have missed ‘chatting’ with in the way that I did during my time at Psychic News – now fast receding into history! I know that there are even more people who didn’t read PN for whatever reason but who perhaps will find something of interest to them here.

So in this way I felt I may rekindle and renew the contact that I used to have with the thousands of spiritually and primarily Spiritualistically minded people who used to read Psychic News, as well as the Hydesville Day Magazine that I instituted and edited annually for four years, and after that, the Spiritualist then Spiritual News way back in 2008/9/10! 

Making contact and having communication with those who’ve passed over – beyond the veil that screens this world from the heavenly realms – seems sometimes to be an easier proposition than communicating with those still living on this earth plane! However, with the advent of the world wide web, possibilities for reaching out to the currently incarnate have greatly increased! So here we are – communicating! A tutorial explaining that, and hearing my explanation of how it’s done, has been included here from my YouTube channel. There are other videos on that connected with my skating interests too!

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Mini-Services from Home

Social Media is now offering Spiritualism and its good practices a chance to present itself to a wider public than ever before – and without the interested parties who tune in to be identified should they wish to be anonymous – or anyone having to actually travel any distance to a Spiritualist venue or visit…

No ‘Coincidence’ in Spiritualism!

Written for and published in the April 2017 issue of Psychic World – I take a look at some proof of the old Spiritualist maxim – there is no such thing as coincidence! When founding editor of Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell, fell out with the newspaper’s major shareholders, that included the wealthy stockbroker and Spiritualist…

Spiritualisms’ Bad Press! Why?

In honour of Hydesville Day I produced an annual magazine for Psychic Press 1995 ltd., owned by the SNU when I was editor of their publication Psychic News. For this year I thought a few words on this website might suffice to recall the advent of Modern Spiritualism… I have entitled them; ‘Spiritualism: a word…