Guided Spiritual Meditation

First make a comfortable space for yourself where you can be quiet and undisturbed for about 15 minutes or so. You’ll need a chair where you can sit up straight with your back supported and a table on which to place your glass of water.

Let’s Meditate – here I have included a meditation from my YouTube channel, Lyn Gibb-de Swarte.
It should be an enjoyably spiritual experience.

You may like to have beside that a piece of quartz-clear or rose – to give you a psychic boost… Spiritualist pioneer, medium and speaker Emma Hardinge Britten, used to place a crystal nearby when she was speaking and demonstrating. I find this beneficial myself and have a favourite crystal. (It used to belong to the famous medium Doris Stokes). Wear comfortable clothing, nothing tight or restrictive, and that includes rings and watchstraps. When you have arranged all this, you can begin your journey out of the mundane into the extra sensory world of spirit-side experience.

Now don’t forget to make your affirmation of intent,” I do this only for good and in the light.” Secondly for spiritual assistance and protection. “I ask my guides and helpers,and my doorkeepers, to come near.” Don’t cross your legs or clasp your hands together. When you are in the very relaxed meditative state, your body will respond to you mentally floating off by becoming more weighty and you don’t want to restrict blood flow! The ‘Moonlight Sonata’ that is played for you on this page runs for just over 6 minutes.

You may like to use it from its starting notes to accompany your meditation in order to bring it to a natural conclusion at its end. Now to relax. Close your eyes. Take three or four deep breaths. Now you’re going to use your imagination to visualise a special kind of journey. Imagine a pillar, a shaft of light, in front of you. It is quite wide and round and goes up and out through the ceiling of your room. You imagine stepping into the light shaft. Inside you feel warm and loved and happy. You feel yourself going up as in a lift,an elevator, and in a minute you feel the lift stop, the door opens and you step out into a new landscape. It’s a sunlit country scene with grass, flowers and trees.

There’s a pathway beside a stream leading into the distance. There’s a clump of shady trees underneath which is a bench. Walk along the path to the bench and sit down. Enjoy being there.Ask if someone can come and meet you there. You may be joined by a guide or a loved one, or both. Even if you see no one on your first visit you should do subsequently. After a little while, take your leave and walk back down the pathway and re-enter the lift which has been waiting for you.

Once more the doors close and you’ll feel yourself descending. When you feel the lift of light come to a stop, step outside and return to your seat. When you feel the weight of your body once more, wriggle your digits -fingers and toes – get the circulation moving again, and when you’re ready, open your eyes and take a drink of water. Remember to thank your guides and helpers -and the Great Spirit, Holy Spirit- for keeping you safe.

Chatting about Chakras & more!

I do hope you have had a pleasant and uplifting encounter with other-worldliness. You can let me know how you got on through my contact form on the Contact Page!

See you soon, Lyn

Published by revlyngdes

I am first minister of the New Spiritualists Society UK. I have been in Spiritualism for many years and have utilised my journalistic skills - I was a sports journalist both freelance and publishing editor of Sportswoman magazine and managing editor of Sportsworld among other publications. I won Magazine Sportswriter of the Year in 1988 and had the book Women and Sport published in the same year. In 1994 I edited the SNU newsletter New Communicator and in 1996 I was appointed editor of old established weekly Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News. I contribute to Psychic World quarterly and compile and edit the community magazine Littleport Life. I was a speed skater and ice hockey player and ran a speed club and ice hockey club. I also became a coach and referee. I am president of the Great Britain Bandy Association which I founded and director of the Ice Arena Project. I am PO for the Littleport Society and Chair of the Scout and Guide Hut committee. I am mother of 6, grandmother and great grandmother. I am married to my partner of 37 years Cathy.

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