Another Side of Colin Fry

This article was written by Lyn Guest de Swarte, Publishing Editor of Spiritual News and printed back in October 2008. Reproduced as a tribute after his passing to Spirit in August 2015.

Since he began his ‘Sixth Sense’ television series around five years ago Colin Fry has become synonymous with slick cleverly presented and edited media presentations of mental mediumship, but Colin’s physical mediumship work was being filmed long before that.

Michael Courtney-Hunt and Neil Stroud had formed a business partnership to film and market videos of mediums as they worked and one of their first efforts was of Colin Fry in a condition we call ‘trance’ – a highly altered state of consciousness under the control of his philosophy guide ‘Magnus’, a spokesperson for the group known as ‘Diamond’.

Michael and Neil of Spirits Inc., are still making and selling DVDs of those working for Spirit, as well as still having for sale old faithfuls’ work such as animal and people healer Irene Sowter, the 1998 ‘Tribute to the Pioneers’ made at Bognor of participating mediums Ron Jordan, Alan Law, Keith Charles, Tony Katz, Ivy Davis(now passed over) and Lyn Gibb de Swarte, and Colin’s ‘Magnus Guides’, and ‘A Voice from the Light’ made in 1999.

Colin has always been an exponent of physical mediumship and was a member of the ‘Noah’s Ark Society’ the organisation that was dedicated to the promotion of physical mediumship, and thereafter was appointed their education and training officer. Those millions now used to seeing Colin Fry on their tv screens described, after the credits roll in the disclaimers as being ‘for entertainment purposes only’, may be surprised to discover the serious and dedicated mediumistic worker for Spirit behind the glitzy façade.

Colin administered the physical circle report scheme for the NAS, (Noah’s Ark Society) and would constantly encourage members to send him their report books which he would study and comment on constructively. He also tutored in all aspects of physical mediumship for individuals as well as groups/circles.

He wrote in May 2000, before visiting Sweden where he founded the Ramsbergsgarden Spiritual College, in the NAS newsletter that he ‘noted that some members not at present sitting in circles are taking part in the report scheme and attending the tutorial days. This is very wise action on their part as we are able to give encouragement in the development of physical mediumship which is not always associated with circle work, such as automatic writing and slate mediumship, as well as preparation work for a time when they form their own circle or join one’.

Colin continued, ‘I have been informed that some members are reluctant to attend the tutorial days because they feel the activities of their physical circles does not conform to the normal activities associated with Society séances. Please remember that in the history of mediumship most forms of phenomena have been witnessed before, and much of this by the current officers and tutors of the NAS. We are more than happy to offer you our encouragement and advice and I am confident that you will benefit by attending the tutorial days.’

Michael Courtney-Hunt says of Colin Fry, “When I met him I instinctively knew that he would help me pass on the message from Spirit through the medium of video. He was experienced and approachable.

In ‘A Voice from the Light’ for instance, subjects covered are evil dictators and the location of ‘Hell’, thoughts about the release of animalkind from pain, spirit rescue, imprisonment for wrong-doers, and reincarnation, suicide and euthanasia.

‘Magnus Guides’ includes opinion on earth changes, explanations about the spirit world and answers to questions about the untimely death of loved ones.”
After we have experienced the untimely death of Colin at the age of 53, why not check this out for yourself by perhaps purchasing a DVD, and find out more about ‘the other side of Colin Fry’?

Go to where there are many articles about Colin – and filmed DVDs of his work and that of Ivy Davis and Irene Sowter who have both gone before,and Ron Jordan, Keith Charles, Ray Brown and Les Driver.

Lyn Gibb de Swarte

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