Psychic Self-Defence!

It seems that some involved in what we might broadly refer to as the spiritual side of life may also be drawn to psychic practices which can be harmless especially when associated with Spiritualism, but there can be a downside.

The ‘ungodly’ as Saint author Leslie Charteris called his hero’s adversaries have been known to use psychic skills to ill effect. Here is a thought or two on the subject with an easy remedy to stave off any perceived psychic attack.

The connection between the physical body and the spirit within – and the material world and the world of spirit is our psychic self; the psychic dimension of life. It’s a known scientific fact that cats play with their prey because although we can assume they have no deliberate intent or understanding that the fear this toying prior to the “coup de grace” generates a tenderising effect on the flesh of the animal…

Perhaps the sadistic tendencies of the human race hark back to its own cannibalistic past. Apart from the effect of extreme stress on the physical body, there is a less visible effect, but even more terrible impact, on the spiritual and psychic environment in general. The Romans unleashed huge suffering on the quite large swathes of the human race into which it came into contact. The carnage caused by their armies, the murderous ‘games’ and their methods of wholesale torture and execution – all presented as a public spectacle – didn’t just control the populations over which it held sway, but released negative psychic energies that are usable by malevolent entities in the spirit dimensions.

The word ‘psychic’ is commonly used to describe the intuitive side of ourselves instead of perhaps the more old fashioned less mystical sounding description of ESP – extra sensory perception. Both terms are often used generally to cover myriad conditions outside of the average life experience of any one individual.

Psychic is also applied as a noun-referring for instance to someone who may be able to produce evidence that they actually have extra sensory perception.
Like a knife that is either a constructive tool or a destructive weapon, the psychic faculty once discovered may be used for good or ill by its possessor.

Within the movement of Spiritualism there may be many strands of thought and disparate groupings, but all who declare themselves to be Spiritualists agree that there is such a thing as being psychic, that psychic phenomena exists and that someone can be called a psychic. It isn’t surprising the somewhat inexact science of psychology, a title derived from the word ‘psychic’ – and ‘ology’ a scientific suffix meaning study – ranges itself for the greater part against Spiritualism with its basis rooted in what we know to be existent psychic abilities.

The former considers the brain to be the seat of all consciousness and that the mind is an integral part of that organ whereas the Spiritualist understands that the mind is essentially, and eternally, linked to the spirit archetypal template on which our physical bodies are built. While we are aware that material science tends to support the psychology theorists in their antipathy toward Spiritualist psychic practices, there are other, quite often more vehement in their antagonisms, denigrators and attackers of all thing psychic – and Spiritualist…

However, attacks of this nature emanating from people of otherwise reasonable and possibly even pleasant nature can be dealt with in a reasoned and pleasantly put debate on the subject. The other kind of attack is that which is more subtly generated by individuals who are themselves counted among those considered to be psychic or psychic adepts, and that is the type with which which we are here more concerned…
The problem with psychic practices is that there does not have to be a spiritually positive dimension – there is no pre requirement for the possessor of good psychic facilities to be a nice person or live by any ethical code of conduct whether individually or as part of a peer group.

While this material life is lodged in its animality and its commonly accepted five senses, the life of the spirit, while enmeshed with it, is still connected to that outer world of spirit – and to the soul consciousness. This is its spiritual aspect which is directly connected to that over-soul, its group soul, and ultimately to the One Most High, the Holy Spirit, which we call God.

This spirit within all is the individualisation of that universal life force generated and in constant and eternal existence. It emanates from the Source which we acknowledge as the Creator.

That spirit connects us to the non physical environment – and is interwoven into our material body form and through that to the world of matter in which we exist for a certain portion of our life.

It appears that our psychic abilities are linked to both the material physical, animalistic, part of ourselves, and to the spirit that we know dwells within us and pervades our being. We understand that our brain generates impulses of imagination on certain frequencies and that they are similar close frequencies of vibration to our inner spirit that is connected to that wider world of spirit to which we belong.

However, this proximity can cause confusion when it comes to discerning the differences between imaginary and physically engendered impressions in the mind, and those emplaced from the discarnate dimensions without…

There are also audio and sensory signals that can be received mentally through a naturally present although less commonly recognised 6th sense or extra sensory perception or the psychic sense. Unfortunately these impressions mimic various psychological phenomena. There are many physical causes that manifest symptoms similar to those presenting in people who are identified or identify themselves as psychic or having psychic abilities. The most obvious of course is psychically hearing voices, seeing visions and experiencing strange feelings, which are also symptomatic of a number of actual physically based disorders diagnosable by the medical profession.
The Spiritualists’ interest lies in the non-medically diagnosed clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience – and where the psychic element or ESP ends and the ‘Three C’s’ of mediumship start.

Moreover whether as a mediumistic or psychic sensitive one can be vulnerable to an attack from which one would otherwise be unaware or even unsusceptible.
The problem for every sensitive, who has developed or is in the lengthy process of developing mediumistic abilities on the back of developing enhancement of their intuitive psychic self, is being sensitive!

Having a heightened awareness towards your surroundings and people around you – and to the atmospheres of places and attitudes of other human beings, makes you a ‘sensitive’.

Now while you may perceive buildings or even areas, small or large, around the globe as foreboding or menacing – or welcoming and peaceful – people that you perceive in the same way may actually pose a threat of action against you that an inanimate object cannot. Thought is progenitor of the deed. The world/universe itself came into being because of God’s thought. All there is constructed in the physical world has been brought into being by thought; from making fire to the wheel, from an arrow head to a gun, from a hot herbal poultice to the newest antibiotic. So who is to say that negative and malicious thoughts sent towards a sensitive person wouldn’t manifest a damaging effect outside of their common day to day general living experience.

So how does someone who has not only most probably started out as a sensitive being but made themselves more so by progressing along the study route to their own psychic development, thus rendering themselves increasingly sensitive to non physical influence, respond when they become aware of a malevolent onslaught.
How would anyone become aware that all may not be usual in their daily life and that it isn’t just as Shakespeare had it, ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ that beset us all commonly, but rather the ‘darts of the wicked’ directed against those they take issue with as St Paul mooted?

We may hear that someone or a group of people wish us ill, which can cause depression or worse. Or we may be subjected to direct bullying tactics with its attendant miseries.
It’s obvious even to the sceptic or most stoic that emotional upset, turmoil of feelings, can impact detrimentally on the well-being of the sufferer in a physical way. While we may not be able to regulate our lives to avoid its many naturally occurring upsets and difficult eventualities, which according to most spiritual philosophies are part of our learning processes, we can learn to lessen the blows, move on and hopefully become stronger and help others because of our own experiences.

And so we can apply the same resolve when it comes to any psychically engendered problems that we may encounter. There are really simple answers. Regardless of the fact that much money has been made offering remedies galore, there are simple methods, in use from time immemorial by good people as a protection from the not so good… Even where the ungood have got in to manifest a bit of mayhem we can still dismiss them and their meanness very quickly in a mixture of psychic and spiritual practice.

Firstly as soon as we can we should offer up prayers for the perpetrator/s well-being. If it is a group of people, or if we only have a vague idea of the direction from which the unpleasantness towards us emanates, include that information about that lack of knowledge too. Those who hear our prayers on behalf of The Almighty and funnel them onward will know.

“Dear Lord, I beseech You to send Your Love and Light in Truth to – here say the name or say ‘those who wish me harm or ill’ – to relieve them of their burden of hatred and negative thoughts. I ask also at this time in the name of Your Love and Light and Truth for my own antagonisms and angers towards others to be taken from me. Thank You Lord. Amen.

You might like to send this out with your daily prayers.

Secondly, imagine a curvy mirror surrounding you with the shiny, reflective side facing out. Its pale coloured backing towards you. Just place this mirror around you in your mind’s eye whenever you feel the need of it and any nasty impulses will be mirrored back to whomsoever without your having to enter into any debilitating retaliatory effort.

Remember the frequency generated by our brains when exercising our imagination is close to that which those in the world of spirit, that dimension of faster and finer frequency, use to input other-worldly data to us who live here on the earth plane. It appears that the psychic image fades gradually of its own accord, without the necessity of summarily dismissing it as one would at the end of a guided spiritual meditation.

This actually substantiates the fact that this is indeed a psychic practice and works in and through that baser level of being. However, if the person using this method to defend themselves tries to be as kind as possible in their daily interactions with others, to try and uphold the two commandments stated by Jesus to be most important: “To love God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, and to love one another” then that person’s motivation is to be deemed spiritually acceptable and a protection in itself.

May God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. Amen

Published by revlyngdes

I am first minister of the New Spiritualists Society UK. I have been in Spiritualism for many years and have utilised my journalistic skills - I was a sports journalist both freelance and publishing editor of Sportswoman magazine and managing editor of Sportsworld among other publications. I won Magazine Sportswriter of the Year in 1988 and had the book Women and Sport published in the same year. In 1994 I edited the SNU newsletter New Communicator and in 1996 I was appointed editor of old established weekly Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News. I contribute to Psychic World quarterly and compile and edit the community magazine Littleport Life. I was a speed skater and ice hockey player and ran a speed club and ice hockey club. I also became a coach and referee. I am president of the Great Britain Bandy Association which I founded and director of the Ice Arena Project. I am PO for the Littleport Society and Chair of the Scout and Guide Hut committee. I am mother of 6, grandmother and great grandmother. I am married to my partner of 37 years Cathy.

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