Babble or Spirit Contact?

There is criteria for assessing whether persons professing to provide a link between the world of the living in the here and now to those living in the hereafter.

Recently it’s been brought to my attention that things are not all as they should be perhaps in the realms of mediumistic presentations in the public arena that now includes the internet and social media…

It is explored in depth in the website; here is a live chat I gave on Facebook that talks about that…

Take a look at this You Tube Video

Fuelled perhaps by edited television programmes presenting what would be, to the generally unaware public, assumed to be demonstrations of mediumship, even though they are never called that, the expectation then is on a visit to a church based mediumship demonstration, whether or not as part of a service, to experience more of the same live…

There has been a growing tendency, encouraged shall we say in certain Spiritualist teaching enclaves, to allow those who sign up for development of said mediumship offered in courses and workshops etc., to basically let their imagination run riot and their tongues to follow suit. While adhering to the old teaching maxim, to give what you get in terms of spirit input to a properly raised level of consciousness is a good one, but if the person hoping to receive something worth them giving out, has not trained their mind sufficiently in the art of elevation to those higher planes of thoughtfulness and contemplative conditions, their output will emanate from that lower level generated by the conscious – if almost dreaming – brain.

The genuine deliverer of communications from that which we may call the world of spirit, that great mysterious beyond to which all are destined to inhabit after this one, having entered into that higher state of consciousness may well take time to receive and decipher messages they then get from individuals, in order to deliver solid evidence of loved ones’ survival, encouragement and loving words to those that they have left behind. Survival evidence demonstrated by a medium in public also requires affirmations from each recipient in order to validate that evidence.

This ensures that all those assembled, whatever their number, few or many, will also receive that validation. Reeling off names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, months, conditions of life, situations around them, of the living or the dead, without pause, may give the impression of some kind of super mediumistic powers, but without a yes, no, or don’t know, to punctuate the flow of apparent information, all is of no consequence whatsoever.

The only benefit of such doubtful practice in itself to the Spiritualist movement as a worthy cause, is that the previously mentioned public may be convinced enough to return to a Spiritualist meeting place where measured and genuine mediumship takes place and so progress themselves into a condition of real knowledge that there is life after life. Even if some of these demonstrators turned teachers of mediumship leave you, as one boggled past member of my circles declared to me after a visit to an advertised workshop, losing the will to live.

As an addendum, it’s been noted that on the playbill of theatre appearances by a popular medium the agent for same still covers the performance by referring to the now extremely defunct enjoinder (since the New Christian Spiritualists Society was formed to campaign against those organisations telling Spiritualists that they had to call demonstrations of mediumship entertainment or risk prosecution as the NCSS was told by letter that it was never this government’s intention to interfere with the Spiritualist religious enclaves practice) that it may be regarded as entertaining.

The practice of genuine mediumship requires dedication on a daily basis; meditations, awareness of one’s guides and helpers, communing with one’s higher self. To offer constant communication and messages from loved ones for hours on end, several days/nights a week with travelling between venues thrown in for good measure, may lead one to assume that after a while of this regime, contact would actually become unsustainable. Now of course there is an increasing in Facebook presentations that are also a very mixed bag of good, genuine mediumship, and questionable presentations…

Card readers basically in the fortune teller tradition talking about spirit telling them things – without specifying who in spirit is their guide! It is a fact that every medium is psychic, but every psychic is not a medium aka communicator with those in the world of spirit.

Working with one’s own energies, being still connected with the physical/material impulses generated by our brain and adrenal system, our ‘gut instincts’ and dreamed-up imaginings, may be the key to all those presentations… Which takes us back to the title of our discourse, babble or Spirit contact?

Published by revlyngdes

I am first minister of the New Spiritualists Society UK. I have been in Spiritualism for many years and have utilised my journalistic skills - I was a sports journalist both freelance and publishing editor of Sportswoman magazine and managing editor of Sportsworld among other publications. I won Magazine Sportswriter of the Year in 1988 and had the book Women and Sport published in the same year. In 1994 I edited the SNU newsletter New Communicator and in 1996 I was appointed editor of old established weekly Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News. I contribute to Psychic World quarterly and compile and edit the community magazine Littleport Life. I was a speed skater and ice hockey player and ran a speed club and ice hockey club. I also became a coach and referee. I am president of the Great Britain Bandy Association which I founded and director of the Ice Arena Project. I am PO for the Littleport Society and Chair of the Scout and Guide Hut committee. I am mother of 6, grandmother and great grandmother. I am married to my partner of 37 years Cathy.

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