Spiritualist Healing and Mediumship

Whether you like it or not, if you are a spiritual healer you must also be a medium to a lesser or greater degree. So what defines that mediumistic level? All who call themselves spiritual healers would agree that they are the human exchange mechanism, or medium,for extraneous healing energy that is channelled for theContinue reading “Spiritualist Healing and Mediumship”

Spiritualist Reading Room

An Extract From “Power Of The Spirit” By PN’s Founding Editor Maurice Barbanell Permanent Records Of Survival For many years I was closely associated with John Myers, whose psychic photography was a storm-centre of controversy. The first intimation I received of his mediumship was when I launched Psychic News. A few days before the firstContinue reading “Spiritualist Reading Room”

The Spiritualists’ Handbook

The Spiritualists’ Handbook available from amazon.com by Reverend Lyn Guest de Swarte is published on behalf of the New Spiritualists’ Society By Right Reverend Nick Brown. Reverend Brown is Senior Minister and leader of the Littleport Christian Spiritualists’ Chrurch (NCSS), the First Church of the New Christian Spiritualists’ Society, and Surragan Bishop to the PrinicipalContinue reading “The Spiritualists’ Handbook”