No ‘Coincidence’ in Spiritualism!

Written for and published in the April 2017 issue of Psychic World – I take a look at some proof of the old Spiritualist maxim – there is no such thing as coincidence! When founding editor of Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell, fell out with the newspaper’s major shareholders, that included the wealthy stockbroker and SpiritualistContinue reading “No ‘Coincidence’ in Spiritualism!”

Spiritualisms’ Bad Press! Why?

In honour of Hydesville Day I produced an annual magazine for Psychic Press 1995 ltd., owned by the SNU when I was editor of their publication Psychic News. For this year I thought a few words on this website might suffice to recall the advent of Modern Spiritualism… I have entitled them; ‘Spiritualism: a wordContinue reading “Spiritualisms’ Bad Press! Why?”

Historic Mediums Events 1998

Two events stand out for me in the late 1990’s the Tribute to Spiritualist Pioneers organised by president of Wimbledon Spiritualists Chuch Derek Robinson at Bognor, and in 1998 Tony Ortzen organised a hitherto unknown kind of event for the public. Well-known international mediums were gathered to share the platform in an all-day Spiritualist experienceContinue reading “Historic Mediums Events 1998”

Sermon for Rev Ron Jones

Some years ago Reverend Ron Jones, founder of the Corinthian Church and Healing Association asked me to help re-establish his HQ and also to be the Principle Minister at his headquarter’s church at Hailsham. I agreedbut it wasn’t long after it became well attended again that our usual breakdown in relationship occurred… Reverend Jones hasContinue reading “Sermon for Rev Ron Jones”

Another Side of Colin Fry

This article was written by Lyn Guest de Swarte, Publishing Editor of Spiritual News and printed back in October 2008. Reproduced as a tribute after his passing to Spirit in August 2015. Since he began his ‘Sixth Sense’ television series around five years ago Colin Fry has become synonymous with slick cleverly presented and editedContinue reading “Another Side of Colin Fry”

Helen Duncan: Persecuted Medium

Helen Duncan was a famous working physical medium in the 20th century. She gave many evidential messages from individuals living on in spirit to loved ones who attended her meetings and seances. She became even more famous when she was accused of pretending to conjure the spirits of the dead under the 1735 Witchcraft ActContinue reading “Helen Duncan: Persecuted Medium”

Focus on: Emma Hardinge Britten

Taking a look in the light of today’s understandings of women and girls, whose lives were constrained in the 19th century by orthodox religious attitudes and accepted rigid social norms, and how the advent of modern Spiritualism, flourishing in these bad conditions, gave women from all classes of society a chance to rise above it,Continue reading “Focus on: Emma Hardinge Britten”