Why Hymns Lift the Spirit!

Looking at sacred music from a Spiritualist’s viewpoint,I’m of the opinion that it’s a useful tool in lifting the spirit that dwells within us to a higher level, and that it helps us resonate with the Greater Spirit that lives without! Secular music so often provokes baser impulses that exist on a more physical andContinue reading “Why Hymns Lift the Spirit!”

Reading By Numbers

I’ve called this ‘Reading by numbers’ to echo the simpler method of creating a picture ‘painting by numbers’! Exchanging the letters of your name (or that of others)for specific numbers, and adding them together with your date of birth can offer strangely accurate readings… verything in life, everything that exists, is founded on calculation, isContinue reading “Reading By Numbers”

Crystals, Colour and Healing

A little knowledge is often better than none! Here Lyn offers a simple explanation that contains a possible and useful defence against the various critics of this branch of spiritual healing. The use of crystals and colour in healing is an ancient art steeped in mystery – until now! This has suddenly found itself popularContinue reading “Crystals, Colour and Healing”

The Exorcist – Lyns’ Action Plan

Since the beginning of recorded time,the earth plane has been beset by those of unkind and someimes downright evil intent. The problems these wrongdoers cause can affect life while they are down here, but they may also return to plague us from the lower parts of the spirit world they inhabit. So how do weContinue reading “The Exorcist – Lyns’ Action Plan”