Instituted by Lyn Guest de Swarte there are New Spiritualists' Society meetings and NSS ordained ministers in London and Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland and the South of England's coastal regions.The ministers are always welcoming to newcomers and those who attend the spiritually driven meetings always friendly.


Currently there is a major weekly meeting with prayer, meditation, healing and messages from loved ones in spirit, evidential of life eternal, at the following venue.

Littleport Village Hall every Thursday evening at 7.30pm with Minister and Elder of the Society, Reverend Nick Brown and his band of helpers. They are called The Greater Littleport And District New Spiritualists' Society - GLADNeSS for short. They have a Facebook page of the same name. Reverend Kim Brady is based in nearby Soham and is also part of the team at Littleport.

Other meetings around the UK are hosted by: Reverend Garry Titheridge and Reverend Karren Cambridge are based in London and host various meetings. Reverend Judith Freeman runs the Ellen Hills church at Knee Hill Community Centre in Abbeywood and also Reverend Pollyanna Boothby-Tucker holds regular Tuesday evening meetings in Finchley and Reverend Alan Acton is to be found serving at top venues around London and abroad as is Reverend Ross Bartlett. Reverend Teresa Aveiro also hosts workshops etc., in London. Reverend Guy Taylor is based in Heathfield West Sussex - and Reverend Denise Mascherpa is extremely busy in the Worthing area and along the coast of West Sussex with her fellow ministers. Reverend Joseph Arthur Wright is in circulation around Lincolnshire and adjacent counties and Reverend Scott Williams is running a church in Northumbria. Reverend Jeanette Bolton is at the Pastures Green Church. More ministers are awaiting ordination around the country as the Society and its supporters gather momentum!

Reverend Lyn Guest de Swarte assisted by her Deacon Reverend Cathy Gibb is always on hand to guide the Society and its supporters gently onward as it gathers strength...
All are welcome to experience the joy of contact with Holy Spirit from all denominations, cultures and religions, although the Society is regarded as a Christian Denomination.
The New Spiritualists' Society is a truly inclusive group of like-minded souls and there is absolutely no discrimination.
There is a website for more information. Please log on to:
There is also a 332 page volume containing much information on the NSS perception of what Spiritualism actually is and consists of in easy to read language.It may be ordered from and is entitled The Spiritualists' Handbook (The New Spiritualists' Society) by Rev Lyn Guest de Swarte.
The New Spiritualists' Society Hymn Book compiled by Rev Nick Brown with articles by Rev Lyn is also available.

You may contact me,Rev Lyn, through the contact form on this website. My email is
I hope you will find your way to one of our spiritual and interesting, friendly and uplifting meetings soon!